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16; in the rabbit ileal loop test, an hemorrhagic mucus-like fluid was observed (25-30 mL).
Ileal loop conduit specimens are typically seen in oncology centers after specialized surgery for malignant urinary tract neoplasm.
The free edges of the newly conjoined ureters are then anastomosed to the proximal end ileal loop.
The rabbit ileal loop test was carried out according to the methods described by De and Chatterjee.
Finally, De independently re-invented the rabbit ileal loop assay (15), combined it with cholera preparations, and proved the existence of cholera exotoxin (7).
After failed TURBT, BCG and epirubicin, radical cystectomy with ileal loop conduits were performed.
Un-docking and flattening out the table to a minor degree of Trendelenburg, allows the ileal loop to fall into the pelvis, which reduces tension at the anastomosis.
Adenocarcinoma of colon at ureterosigmoidostomy site 14 years after conversion to ileal loop.
To evaluate the possible protective roles of antibacterial and antitoxic immunities in cholera we made use of the elegant rabbit ileal loop technique developed by De (2) and modified the assay slightly to allow determination of the protective efficacy of different cholera antigens (3).
After separating the Mesodiverticular band, the ileal loop was released and
jejuni induces fluid secretion in rat ileal loop assay (9,10); (iv) children infected with C.