ill consequence

See: mischief
References in classic literature ?
This first ill consequence of this fray was, that the woman they had taken, who was really the thief, made off, and got clear away in the crowd; and two other that they had stopped also; whether they were really guilty or not, that I can say nothing to.
He said he believed it to be so truly; and added that madam had intimated as much to him, and that it was his opinion of that part which made his desire to see me again; and that since he had once broke in upon his virtue with me, and found no ill consequences, he could be safe in venturing there again; and so, in short, it went on to what I expected, and to what will not bear relating.
That they might have met without ill consequence is perhaps probable; but his regard did not appear to me enough extinguished for him to see her without some danger.
Norris had a spirit of activity, which could not be satisfied till she had written a long and angry letter to Fanny, to point out the folly of her conduct, and threaten her with all its possible ill consequences.
After I had found by experience the ill consequences of being abroad in the rain, I took care to furnish myself with provisions beforehand, that I might not be obliged to go out, and I sat within doors as much as possible during the wet months.
When he was preparing to baptize her, I entreated him that he would perform that office with some caution, that the man might not perceive he was of the Roman Church, if possible, because of other ill consequences which might attend a difference among us in that very religion which we were instructing the other in.
The ill consequences are spreading to a larger geography in Turkey's vicinity -- the Middle East, the Caucasus and the Balkans -- rapidly wasting its chances as a benevolent, influential, trusted, impartial, fair modern power.
Changing the rule will inevitably result in people becoming homeless, with all the ill consequences for the individuals concerned and society as a whole that flows from that.
A host of ill consequences follow: families must deplete their limited savings or sell other property in order to survive; continuous subdivision leads directly to environmental degradation and lower crop yields which, of course, worsen hunger.
Researcher Dana King said: "Any such benefit must be weighed with caution against the known ill consequences of alcohol consumption.
Donors may suffer no ill consequences from nephrectomy because their remaining kidney can compensate for the loss through adaptive hyperfiltration, which appears to result directly from glomerular hypertrophy rather than ultrafiltration pressure, according to a separate ongoing study.
This leader's technical brilliance was equaled by his interest and accomplishment in setting the standards for modern day immunosuppression, allowing transplanted organs from unrelated donors to be accepted long-term without the ill consequences of immediate or chronic rejection.