ill feeling

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He said: "Is there any ill feeling with Martin O'Neill?
I have no ill feeling towards anybody or any community.
Vaughn claimed he had matters to sort out in South Africa but there was no ill feeling over his departure.
And Romanov insisted there was no ill feeling between senior players and Eduard Malofeev (above right) and that Valdas Ivanauskas's absence late last year was just down to ill health.
CYCLING: The Tour of Britain arrived in London yesterday, bringing with it concerns about the capital's ability to host the Tour de France as well as ill feeling between the British riders and their European counterparts.
I bear no ill feeling to Cristiano but am disappointed that he chose to get involved.
There is no way Nadine is going to leave the band - despite the ill feeling, it wouldn't be in her interests to quit.
I would not want my family to buy a 206 built at Ryton after this announcement, as there is a lot of ill feeling.
But Kluivert insists he holds no ill feeling towards the club, and said: "Their season seems to be going from bad to worse.
Surely it is evidence to all concerned that this can only be perceived as the sort of 'jack-boot mentality' which has caused so much ill feeling between the Welsh and English ever since the days of the 'Welsh not.
Mr Hughes asked Mr Dent if he was aware of ``resentment or ill feeling towards Mr Brereton''.
He said there was ill feeling because it wasn't going to be Tyson carrying it, it was going to be his minders.