ill health

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Reports on complex or ill health retirement cases requiring an independent Occupational Health Physician.
During a concentrated two-week drive which began yesterday, the Health and Safety Executive will make unannounced visits across the country, focusing on ill health on construction sites.
However she has had to give up her prized spot in recent months due to ill health.
Sam Green, a representative of the Student Council, said: "People suffering mental ill health will often feel lonely and extremely isolated.
David Rawlins, RoSPA's awards manager, said: "RoSPA firmly believes that organisations that demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention deserve recognition.
It showed there were 27 fires and 181 reports of ill health, including occupational asthma, hearing loss, dermatitis, mental ill health, upper limb disorders and back injuries.
As we chatted, he told me how he had suffered with ill health for a number of years, and I suggested that I should investigate his pension offer a little closer, especially considering his poor health.
And it includes short clips from people who have experienced mental ill health identifying the three key areas where improvements are most needed - primary mental health services, housing-related services and people's attitudes.
Since my ill health I've had to reduce my working hours.
Visakhapatnam, Mar 29 (ANI): Two Maoists including a Divisional Committee Member (DCM) surrendered before police in Visakhapatnam citing ill health on Monday.
Coffee House Cafe for sale due to serious ill health of owner.
Senate secretariat sources confirming the resignation told that Dr Leghari in his resignation has said that due to his ill health he is unable to fulfil his responsibilities in the senate.