ill usage

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It would have been mere madness for any two or three of the number, unassisted by the rest, to attempt making a stand against his ill usage.
Various ingenious arrangements he had made, for the disguise of his chest of drawers, and the accommodation of his boots, his shaving-glass, and so forth, particularly impressed themselves upon me, as evidences of the same Traddles who used to make models of elephants' dens in writing-paper to put flies in; and to comfort himself under ill usage, with the memorable works of art I have so often mentioned.
He insisted on his betaking himself to repose, and used such remedies as were then in most repute to check the progress of the fever, which terror, fatigue, ill usage, and sorrow, had brought upon the poor old Jew.
She could not endure the idea of treachery or levity, or anything akin to ill usage between him and his friend.
If the next ill usage I received from Joel Dethridge found me an unchanged woman, it was borne in strongly on my mind that I should be as likely as not to get my deliverance from him by my own hand.
But, first, I own that it was my object to rescue my dear husband--him whom I love in spite of all his ill usage and suspicions of me--to remove him from the poverty and ruin which was impending over us.
To a young man fairly conscientious and as well-mean ing as only the young man can be, the current ill usage of life comes with a peculiar cruelty.
She also had upon her face and arms the marks of ill usage.