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The old ones are not year included because all plates are covered by that ill-advised plate replacement program.
The PPP central information secretary further said the promotion policy is ad hoc and ill-advised for three reasons.
I don't blame her - I think that she was ill-advised," Cooper said.
Brown: Adding Mark Cuban to Bidding Group for Texas Rangers Ill-Advised (http://bizofbaseball.
But the incident turned out to be an ill-advised stunt dreamt up by the 16 year-old boy to impress his ex-girlfriend.
The standards committee said yesterday: "Mr Cameron was in our view ill-advised to link directly, in promoting the Leader's Group, the issues of access to his office and party fundraising.
Between Atuahene's basket and Polk's 3-pointer, the Sun Devils were done in by their own incompetence of ill-advised or rushed shots, failures to recognized mismatches (like Collison guarding center Jeff Pendergraph, who led ASU with 14 points) and silly fouls away from the basket.
Some brokers feel that the single round bids process is ill-advised because it prevents the kind of bidding war that can ratchet prices beyond a sale's initial expectations.
After sparking fury from children's charities, the 61-year-old Who guitarist removed the story, admitting "this was probably an ill-advised thing for me to do".
We are mindful that this is only in the discussion stage, but I would hope that the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission would reject even the suggestion of such an ill-advised scheme.
The nurses of California would not be terminatored in Conan the Republican's ill-advised, expensive special election.
Further concealment of information from the public is thus ill-advised.