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5 loan that the Christofias government ill-advisedly secured in 2011.
Japanese director Kenji Uchida's absurdist comedy involves an actor ill-advisedly changing identity and finding himself in danger of more than breaking just a leg.
The government needs to reprioritise road casualty reduction and reinstate the national reduction targets that they so ill-advisedly abandoned last year.
Like being used as a political pawn to ill-advisedly shake hands with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness.
The jury is still out on Glasgow bridal shop owner Laura Hogg but it looks like case closed for beauty salon owner Jenna Whittingham, who proudly, if ill-advisedly, revealed to Lord Sugar she had offered up the name of Sterling for the girls' team after she had a dream.
Pregnancies as told in song are often unplanned - as in Bruce Springsteen's The River, for example, or Kings of Leon's Knocked Up, in which the expectant mother and father are ill-advisedly "taking off in a Coupe de Ville/ She's buckled up on navy".
Does their own sparkling business success exemplify the beauty of free-market capitalism or, on the contrary, have they heretofore improperly and unfairly and ill-advisedly (from a policy standpoint) escaped federal regulation (as Wachtell and Millstein would have it)?
Good tunes tended to go undeveloped, and clever textures would be ill-advisedly altered.
On the verbal promise that he was not a target and would not be deposed, the agent met privately with plaintiff attorneys and ill-advisedly provided them with information and documentation that led to suits against more than a dozen parties, including his former agency.
The government has ill-advisedly given Petrobras a monopoly over developing the new oilfields, and used the share issue to raise its controlling stake in the company.
To pursue the governor's present course will assure that some of Pap's legacy will be tainted by the "notoriety" of having Belt Line Road renamed ill-advisedly.
Boxes are piled high, probably too high; some men cool off, ill-advisedly, in the murky, diesel-glazed water.