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It is not a single entity but a syndrome with ill-defined boundaries and categories, and as such it spreads biologically and politically, making important connections between communities of the disenfranchised by uniting them in pain, in anger, and helping to clarify which lives are regarded as dispensable by America's ruling class.
One of the key questions that researchers at CEBAF will address lies at the ill-defined interface between particle and nuclear physics - how protons and neutrons, which are made up of quarks, combine to form a nucleus.
While experiencing meteoric growth, subacute care remains today's most ill-defined level of care.
The narrative effectively conveys an understanding of how the staff tested the ill-defined limits established to govern the content of programs.
Thernstrom reveals, with devastating effect, what happened when vast regulatory power was placed at the service of a great but ill-defined ideal.
Eastwood's character is ill-defined, lurching from sentimentality to outright cruelty, Adams lacks the steel needed to bring her character to life and the finale is horribly contrived.
Contributors analyze the study of public management in France, which has its own specific model, German, which is described as poorly institutionalized and fragmented, Great Britain, which concentrates on public service delivery and management, Norway, which combines organization theory and political science, the Netherlands, which seeks to manage complex networks and public governance, Switzerland, which seeks to reconcile the past with the present, Italy, which studies management and the dominance of public law, Spain, which is interdisciplinary and ill-defined, Hungary, which is concentrates on the transition to the democratic state, and the US, a reflection of Europe.
They are satisfied, at best, with ordinal scales for poorly constructed criteria on ill-defined tasks, or, at worst, with counting papers in portfolios constructed without regard to any form of psychometric consideration (Wilkerson and Lang, 2003).
A The most likely culprit of any ill-defined and recurring illness this soon after starting school is starting school itself.
To be precise, I never did reach modernism per se--already outmoded and still ill-defined, it no longer seemed to figure in my course catalogs and I was launched, unprepared and wistful, into postmodemism.
The space program is a political animal, marked by shifting, inconsistent and ill-defined goals.