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The company presented all three of the full-evening Tchaikovsky classics, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker, plus Coppelia and a fresh revival of Harlequinade, together with a selection of early Balanchine, and even an ill-judged staging of Michel Fokine's Chopiniana.
Van Sant offers sociological details--some, like the trio of status-obsessed bulimic girls, ill-judged in that they edge the movie uneasily toward the satiric vein of To Die For(1995)--but it is the sustained elegiac intensity, accentuated by gathering dread, that makes Elephant so powerful.
Act 1 takes place the afternoon that Wilde's ill-judged libel suit against the marquess of Queensbury, the crazed father of his boyfriend, Lord Alfred Douglas, has collapsed.
Writing in 1872, Charles Eastlake summed up public sentiment towards Oxford's newest college: 'Posterity may find something to smile at as eccentric, something to deplore as ill-judged, and much that will astonish as daring, but they will find nothing to despite as common or mean.
Other group companies have had more volatile results, and suffered serious losses in the early 1990s as a result of ill-judged diversification out of their core commercial credit businesses.
Mr McElduff - and the loaf He said: "Although I genuinely meant no offence, I accept that my actions were ill-judged and, while unintended, caused deep and unnecessary hurt and pain to the Kingsmill families.
THIS week a general sports fan, but someone with little interest in racing, asked me to explain why there is such a furore within the sport regarding Davy Russell's ill-judged effort to get Kings Dolly to concentrate at Tramore.
The solicitor who did so can have no complaints about receiving a police caution because his was an ill-judged decision.
Twitter user Ciaran Downey, said: "Electioneering or not, this is beyond crass, disgusting and incredibly ill-judged given your history.
In fact, he cost his team 14 points with two ill-judged passes.
Will he now withdraw his ill-judged comments and apologise to the people of Scotland and Ukraine?
I think and live for football," said Townsend, whose one exposed weakness to date was to make an ill-judged football bet that earned him a threemonth ban from the game last May.