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What greatly strengthens such a suspicion is the fact that this controversy between two ill-matched antagonists --at a period, moreover, laud it as we may, when personal influence had far more weight than now--remained for years undecided, and came to a close only with the death of the party occupying the disputed soil.
He of the green gaban would have offered resistance, but he found himself ill-matched as to arms, and did not think it prudent to come to blows with a madman, for such Don Quixote now showed himself to be in every respect; and the latter, renewing his commands to the keeper and repeating his threats, gave warning to the gentleman to spur his mare, Sancho his Dapple, and the carter his mules, all striving to get away from the cart as far as they could before the lions broke loose.
Philip did not ask by what means the ill-matched couple had separated, but Athelny told him.
Many Theresas have been born who found for themselves no epic life wherein there was a constant unfolding of far-resonant action; perhaps only a life of mistakes, the offspring of a certain spiritual grandeur ill-matched with the meanness of opportunity; perhaps a tragic failure which found no sacred poet and sank unwept into oblivion.
The John Bright Street site makes good use of an old building - it resembles a time warp crossed with a homely, nook-filled second hand shop and the furniture is so ill-matched it goes together perfectly, especially in the upstairs front room which has a fine view of the street.
None of their friends think it will last, but can the ill-matched lovebirds prove them all wrong?
LETTERS from Mike Tilley and M E Marley (The Journal, May 28) indicate, directly in Mr Tilley's case, indirectly in M E Marley's, the importance of democratic representation at local level within huge authorities like North Tyneside, where a number of ill-matched communities jostle for funding.
We desperately need a contest of ideas, even if some of the solutions being offered, especially on the GOP side, seem absurdly ill-matched to the problem.
None of their friends think their marriage will last, but can the ill-matched lovebirds prove them wrong?
His parents were a somewhat ill-matched couple; his father, Wesley, was a telephone lineman, his mother, Linda, an aspiring (and sometimes published) writer.
However, Mary felt that they are ill-matched and that they do not have a lot in common.
Add to this a divided coalition of nations (some ISIL financiers), so unruly, unwilling, and ill-matched, and you have a recipe for disaster.