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Whatever wealth or family connection distracts you away from AllAh is ill-omened for you" (p.
Pavel Sorokin's orchestra put the audience into the mood of Swan Lake instantly and as the curtain opened slowly, it revealed a magnificent stage design and lighting that propelled the audience into the world of Prince Siegfried: a royal court set in an ill-omened castle.
In his latest statement bin Laden spells out who these "merchants of war" are, describing Iraq as "the ill-omened plan of the four--Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.
The conservative Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger might want to show respect for Pins XII (1939-58), but Pins XIII would sound ill-omened to many.
The French for left is gauche, meaning awkward and clumsy; the Italian, mancini, means crooked and maimed; and the Greek translation, skaios, stands for ill-omened.
Changing his name to something less conspicuous or ill-omened might be a good place to start.
In reaction against the rationalism of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, the time when Anna Maria Ortese's novel The Lament of the Linnet is set, we find the strange happenings of a group of people, dire unhappiness caused by the constant presence of an ill-omened bird, the linnet.
AN ill-omened albatross has appeared in the skies off Britain - just as the world is predicted to end.
Many other memories crowd upon Turley as he prepares to relinquish Eckerd's chief executive officer title: the retailer's efforts at diversification that resulted in the ill-omened 1981 purchase of the American Home Video chain, the ultimate realization that Eckerd's strongest business was its drug chain, the divestiture of Eckerd's diversified retailing businesses and its return to chain drug retailing.
More ill-omened, they are unilaterally demanding supplier funds to an unprecedented degree, to finance or support merchandising, promotional, store expansion and private label programs, even when these programs provide suppliers with no tangible benefits and, on occasion, go so far as to hurt their business.