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Calo is correct that our existing collection of regulatory agencies is ill-qualified to handle robotics policy.
He labelled online Titanoraks "narcissists" ill-qualified to call themselves Titanic experts.
And as a result there are a lot of very sad teachers tied into binding contracts while being threatened and bullied to create money by ill-qualified 'leaders'.
It would be far more useful, and cost-effective, to compel some children's ill-qualified, idle parents to return to the classroom.
This might lead some refugees to adopting harsh tactics in dealing with the office staff, especially since the bulk of the staff at the office are incompetent in dealing with refugee issues, either because they are too young, lack experience or are ill-qualified.
Now, some people - English professors and other such ill-qualified types - might try and argue that the Bard was on about the heavens when he wrote that, but we know better, don't we?
Some GPs said they felt ill-qualified to offer young mothers advice and others warned they could not fill the health visitors' child protection role.
Some GPs said they felt ill-qualified to offer new mothers advice on problems including post-natal depression and breast-feeding.
The ministry is employing ill-qualified teachers to do the job.