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I refuse to make a hierarchy of human actions and ascribe worthiness to some and ill-repute to others.
He first emerges at the bottom of the bed where Prince Hal has been entertaining a couple of women of ill-repute.
It was a street of ill-repute but paradise for sailors returning from long and dangerous voyages.
Dasti said that liquor worth around 50 million rupees is supplied in the lodges annually, while smell of Hashish in the corridors of lodges was a routine matter, adding that women of ill-repute were brought and even dance parties were held, the Nation reported.
This ancient building, formerly a house of ill-repute, has had many incarnations.
Great times were had in dens of iniquity - casinos, nightclubs, pubs and other places of ill-repute.
Companies and individuals of ill-repute have been able to operate unscrupulous clamping operations.
With regards to the rise of the Islamists to political power in Egypt, Dina said she would make her belly dancing costumes more conservative to avoid creating trouble for herself, though she is no stranger to scandal and ill-repute .
Where once Cork lads and Galway girls skanked to the folk-band soundtrack, this oasis of chaos did not seem the same fiefdom of ill-repute it once was.
Donna-Marie, who does not use her surname, was first approached to take over a house of ill-repute three years ago.
Samaritans were hated and women ignored in public, but Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman of ill-repute, treating her as an equal (John 4).