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He also examines a more fundamental problem: an outmoded patent system that is fundamentally ill-suited for the modern economy.
To use democratic institutions such as parliament to enforce one-sided views not only damages the democratic process but also proves that those who indulge in such practices are ill-suited for the job.
She hires childhood sweetheart and handyman, Andy Cobb (Luke Evans), to oversee repairs while encouraging lustful glances from celebrated thriller writer and serial philanderer, Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam), who treats his wife Beth (Tamsin Greig) like a skivvy and is ill-suited to rural life.
That a player as ill-suited to his role as he is, is so elevated, is indicative of how standards and expectations have fallen.
Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs last month slammed Adobe s Flash multimedia software, which is used in most smartphones, calling it unreliable and ill-suited for mobile devices, escalating a pitched battle between the two firms.
Their performance was outside and in the afternoon, rather ill-suited to showcase why we love the band like do.
There's no deep dark secret here - I'm just ill-suited to government work," he told Alison Knopf, ADAW editor.
The committee said: The original agreement for the computer work was ill-suited to the nature of the project and many fire authorities had reservations" about the new system's efficiency.
Paul Collier focuses on the promotion of urban industrialization, the consolidation of agriculture on large, science-based commercial farms, and an exit from Africa's "subsistence" and "peasant agriculture," which he considers "chronically ill-suited to innovation," "unlikely to be transformative," and therefore "incompatible with economic development.
Our exam system is particularly ill-suited to helping young people develop their creativity, initiative, team-working, problem-solving and reasoning skills which they need in work and to continue in higher education.
He is concerned with unravelling the complex personality of a man ill-suited for his position.
Trouble is, his sweet-voiced vocal is ill-suited to Elvis hallmark Hound Dog, Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues, and, especially, Leonard Cohen's Suzanne.