illegal act

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For example, section 10A requires an auditor to first bring evidence that an illegal act might have occurred to the audit committee (or to the board of directors, if there is no audit committee).
d) It ordinarily is not the auditor's responsibility to disclose an illegal act to parties other than the client's senior management and its audit committee or board of directors, and such disclosure would be precluded by the auditor's ethical and legal obligations.
While law enforcement officers and security guards represent obvious protectors, research has neglected the notion of the unwitting citizen assuming an important role in guardianship with no bias toward the presence or absence of illegal acts.
If Quikclean wins the contract, it effectively becomes an agent of IRM, and, therefore, IRM would be indirectly participating in an illegal act.
Audit procedures performed in this regard generally will be more helpful in suggesting the possibility of an illegal act that is directly related to the financial statements (e.
However, in many cases the individual's motivation in causing the corporation to commit an illegal act is to hide his own fraudulent acts, such as the misappropriation of corporate funds (for instance, through embezzlement or the use of corporate funds for the individual's own personal benefit).
He has said that strict legal action will be initiated against the elements doing such illegal act.
He further said that strict legal action will be taken against the elements doing such illegal act.
Anybody who uses the fruits of an unconstitutional or an illegal act is bereft of decency.
While the KRG Council of Ministers expresses its gratitude to the Syrian Kurdish People s Protection Units, YPG , for having helped the Peshmerga forces during ISIS attacks, to rescue the displaced Yezidi Kurds in the area of Sinjar, we consider the move on 14 January by the Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK, to create an administrative council to run Sinjar area, as an illegal act, which goes against the constitution and laws that are in force in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.
Syed Zia-ul-Husnain Naqvi said the university was serving a legal notice on the publication house for the illegal notice on the publication house for the illegal act.