illegal agreement

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Speaking to journalists on Wednesday night in Athens, he said Davutoglu refers to an illegal agreement Ankara has signed with the self-styled Turkish Cypriot regime in Turkish occupied Cyprus to justify Turkish moves in Cyprus` exclusive economic zone.
The committee met under the chairpersonship of Yasmeen Rehman to review the illegal agreement struck between NGO and Ruler Support Programme worth Rs.
In May 2008, ATT entered into a similar illegal agreement with Clifton by which ATT paid bribes of $15,000 a month in exchange for Clifton assigning ATT an additional day of trucking service a month.
Allegedly, the forestry transportation companies concluded an illegal agreement for a procurement organized by the State Forest Management Center two years ago in order to get more favorable transportation contracts.
lt;p>"When the price of ODD began to dip, the Defendants entered into an illegal agreement to prevent competitors from entering into the market and to keep prices at a supracompetitive level," the lawsuit states.
Vitale was indicted last month on charges of failing to file timely lobbying registration statements for 2007 and 2008, making an illegal agreement for compensation contingent on the passage of legislation and four counts of making campaign contributions in excess of the $200 maximum per year for legislative agents.
The repercussions lasted beyond Munoz Leos' tenure, as he had signed an illegal agreement with the STPRM to transfer US$2.
In 2003, Norton entered into an illegal agreement with the governor of Utah to open 2.
The other involves whether certain relationships between a cooperative and a non-cooperative broker amount to an illegal agreement to restrain trade.
Anheuser-Busch also said the union made an illegal agreement with a downtown hotel to stop selling its beer.
While many understand that they should not enter into illegal agreements or conspiracies with their competitors, an illegal agreement can be found even without a "handshake" or express words or writings indicating agreement.
That will have been welcome to the French farm unions, which have been fined e16m by the European Commission for breach of the competition laws by making an illegal agreement to throttle the import of beef.