illegal donation

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In March last year, he resigned as foreign minister over his receipt of an illegal donation from a Korean resident of Japan.
The survey was conducted in the wake of the publication of claims - denied by Mr Osborne - that he sought an illegal donation during a visit to Oleg Deripaska's luxury yacht.
WESTMINSTER watchdogs yesterday rejected a fresh call for an inquiry into claims that shadow chancellor George Osborne sought an illegal donation from a Russian billionaire.
The report also confirmed that an illegal donation from tax-exile businessman Paul Green was wrongly declared as coming from a Glasgow company, making it appear within the law.
And it didn't get any better when it emerged that she had accepted an illegal donation to her campaign for the party leadership.
I believe they will understand that this was a failure, but there was no corruption involved, no illegal donation made, and I hope they will be able to accept his apology.
THE Lib Dems face a fresh fundraising scandal after accepting a second potentially illegal donation that allegedly "bought" access to Nick Clegg.
However, the report did not cover the allegations that Woerth was given an illegal donation for Sarkozy's campaign.
Following revelations she accepted an illegal donation for her leadership campaign, she has suffered poor poll ratings and faced fierce sniping from fed-up Labour colleagues.
They hope the conference will relaunch Alexander's leadership after the row over an illegal donation to her campaign last summer.
It is essential that the Electoral Commission conclude their inquiries into the illegal donation accepted by Wendy Alexander as soon as possible.
THE Lib Dems were last night investigating claims a key aide to Nick Clegg accepted a potentially illegal donation to the party.