illegal evasion

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Designed to fight illegal evasion of taxes, as well as legal tax avoidance by large corporations that make use of loopholes and tax havens, the measures include an agreement by participating governments to provide automatic access to information on their residents' tax affairs.
Allow ex-officio anti-circumvention investigations to ensure faster action against illegal evasion of measures.
Mr Williams said the Tax Justice Network has calculated that through a mix of illegal evasion and lawful avoidance around PS120bn goes uncollected each year.
that ning enue it is creative Murphy estimates pounds 12billion is lost in avoidance by companies and a further pounds 70billion in illegal evasion.
So far as private individuals go, there must be a risk that if GAAR comes down unbearably heavily on legal avoidance people will be tempted to take the risks of illegal evasion and just not declare things.
Leaders agreed, for instance, to measures that would combat the illegal evasion of taxes, as well as the use of tax havens and loopholes.