illegal gain

See: bribe, gratuity
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His Highness the Amir had emphasized that anybody who could be found guilty in illegal gain cases would be severely punished, urging anyone who might have relevant information or documents to present them to the Public Prosecution immediately.
00 Millions by misusing his official power to get illegal gain and kick back.
We find it disgraceful that anyone would consider using the tickets, allocated to those who wish to attend a memorial service to remember the 96 Liverpool supporters who so tragically lost their lives at Hillsborough, for illegal gain.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Egyptian public prosecutor announced plans to appeal Saturday's court decision to cancel former President Hosni Mubarak's detention on charges of illegal gain.
It is an absolutely awful thing for people to find their home has been destroyed for somebody else's illegal gain.
Repayments that Incubator Bank received from borrowers of the SFCG loans in question amounted to an illegal gain and should be paid to Shinsei Trust, she said.
We all know to beware of would-be thieves who rummage through garbage cans, in hopes of finding any bit of info--like a Social Security number--for illegal gain.
Asked to comment on the fact that, in some countries, the Ministry of Justice undertakes the job of sorting out files of corruption, illegal gain and illegal property, Al Khalili said that the Ministry of Justice works within the structure of a legal system emanating from the Basic Law of the State and that neither the Ministry of Justice, nor any other government unit has a legislative authority to undertake responsibility except within the institutional framework defined for it and within the context of the law and the vision of the Council of Ministers.
saying repayments that Incubator Bank received from borrowers of the SFCG loans in question amounted to an illegal gain.
However insure& are likely to argue that the settlement is not the result of an illegal gain or profit.
Mubarak, his sons, and businessman Hussein Salem are also being tried for financial corruption, exploiting presidential power for illegal gain, wasting public funds and exporting Egyptian gas to Israel at lower costs than what was been internationally agreed upon.