illegal interest

See: usury
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New Yorkers can now file claims for more than $20 million in refunds for illegal interest they were charged on loans from Western Sky Financial and CashCall, the state's attorney general said last week.
The KaiowEi people have been brutally mistreated by both legal and illegal interest groups , the global indigenous rights group Survival have reported.
On your left is the helter-skelter - watch traders such as Richie Rich (I am making this up) spin their way from dizzying heights of fat cat bonuses and illegal interest rate manipulation and come down earth with a bump.
He admits Cole will not be the first of his players to have been the subject of illegal interest from other clubs, if Chelsea are found guilty of talking to the left-back.
The total amount, including the original principal, was a loss based on an illegal action,'' he said, rejecting the defendant's argument that it has not received illegal interest.
TOKYO - A group of indebted people simultaneously filed lawsuits Friday against consumer loan companies at district and summary courts in 12 prefectures, demanding that the lenders return a total of 700 million yen they collected in the form of illegal interest rates.
The answer to that is dead simple: the state exists to serve particular legal but often illegal interests, either through the provision of mild-effort employment positions, or through handsome rewards for specific projects or positions, or through rendering opportunities for enrichment from undeclared sources.
Alison Todd, from the Children 1st charity, added: "People who have dishonest intentions are becoming more devious in how they use social media to further their unhealthy and often illegal interests.
Vatican Bank, also known as the Institute for Works of Religion, has come under suspicion for allegedly holding accounts that are fronts for illegal interests.
The President pointed out that there are regional powers working on the instability in Yemen for the illegal interests and aspirations, noting that the Iranian ship recently seized was carrying destructive and diverse weapons ,and there were other weapons sent by Iran to destabilize the security of Yemen.
The borders are open and anyone can easily import the fake medicines to the country for their own illegal interests.