illegal intrusion

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1, item 2 of the law on private security activities with the help of signaling-security equipment (sot) in order to prevent by lawful means the illegal intrusion of objects of the contracting authority, as well as its maintenance.
I'm glad to have been part of bringing that scandal to light and since the Conservative government has not acted on it, I am continuing to fight for laws that will protect people from illegal intrusion.
The ACLU's motion challenged the search warrant calling it an illegal intrusion on people's rights (https://www.
Lots of illegal intrusion activities cannot be found out if misuse detection technology is used while the computer is running, which will put the computer database in great danger.
The specter of violence hangs over Oregon this MLK Day, and there is a shortage of effective outlets for Oregonians to respond to the offensiveness of this illegal intrusion," they wrote.
China's response to the intervention was to feign outrage, describing it as an illegal intrusion into its sovereign waters and a sign of American hypocrisy; the United States cares when China builds artificial islands in the South China Sea, the Chinese argue, but not when Vietnam or the Philippines do the same.
Preventing Illegal Intrusion into Sensitive Networks
In a follow-up comment on May 14, Brickman reported, "We now have sufficient evidence to confirm that an illegal intrusion into our payment card systems has indeed occurred.
Companies that store or transmit consumer data would assume greater responsibility for illegal intrusion, damage, or destruction.
It also provides "call-home" notification alerts--effectively detecting unauthorised intrusion within the application and sounding the alarm to notify the software company of the illegal intrusion.
The detectors are more in demand at airports and other vulnerable areas; these are considered to be susceptible to acts of illegal intrusion.
The accord 'protects those with disabilities from having this unnecessary, inappropriate and illegal intrusion into the most private of their affairs,' said US Attorney Michael Moore in Macon, Georgia.