illegal offer

See: bribe
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price (weighting: 45) the price criterion will be based on the following items: - amounts of firm and conditional phase part of the TMP and the Act of Commitment: 15 points - amounts recognized in the bpu , judged on the basis of a fictitious purchase: 30 points if not specified in one of the financial line item, the city reserves the right to declare illegal offer.
The DHA official reported the illegal offer to the Dubai Police, who asked him to tell the man that he had accepted the deal.
The Commission has said that it wants to entrench the proliferation of illegal offer by developing licensed offer - as it considers this to be the best barrier.
The 25-year-old made the illegal offer on an internet chatroom for sufferers of kidney disease.
Desperate Dan, from Oldbury, made the illegal offer in an advert on an internet chatroom for sufferers of kidney disease.
It is therefore illegal and the government's offer of indemnity to water companies therefore constitutes an illegal offer of contract.
As you would expect, I declined this illegal offer and left empty-handed.
As part of its case, the government accuses Micro- soft of trying to "crush" Netscape after they rejected an illegal offer to divide the market for Internet browser software during a disputed meeting in June, 1995.
Its key objective is to halt the mushrooming of the illegal offer, to deter users from using illegal sites and to provide minimum guarantees valid throughout the EU.
The new law should increase the number of criminal prosecutions, because in addition to creating a financial incentive for plaintiffs to turn in lawyers and case runners who make illegal offers, Edwards said lawyers like him can provide criminal evidence, collected during pretrial discovery hearings in civil suits, to prosecutors and the State Bar of Texas.