illegal profit

See: graft
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Reiterer and his companions shall not use the current proceedings of Calata Corporation to take advantage of and make an illegal profit from unsuspecting shareholders,' it noted.
This criminal conduct earned him an illegal profit of Rs58 million within six months.
He replicated this activity numerous times and this criminal conduct earned him an illegal profit of Rs 58 million within six months.
All suspects were trying to make illegal profit and to ruin society, especially the young people, by smuggling and selling the drugs in the country.
Arkadiy Dubovoy was among the more successful traders, accounting for more than $11 million of illegal profit after trades in such companies as Align Technology Inc and Caterpillar Inc, prosecutors said.
It seems to me they would be far better occupied in continually attacking the appalling issue of bird slaughter in Cyprus, which involves millions of entirely defenceless creatures being cruelly killed for illegal profit.
Also, the opposition holds Bassil and the Cabinet responsible for illegal profit red-gasoil distribution companies allegedly made in January by purchasing $80 million of red gasoil when it was exempt from VAT.
More precisely, by analyzing sixty-four cartels condemned by the European Union over the period 1975-2009, we compare the sanction actually imposed to the illicit gain captured by the firms and estimate a range of restitution fines (amounting to the illegal profit, which corresponds to optimal fines given a 100% probability of detection) and dissuasive fines (which correspond to an optimal fine given that some cartels remain undetected).
The director of the Public Revenue Office, Goran Trajkovski, said there was material evidence that 11 firms made illegal profit of 16 million euros for which tax of 4,120,000 euros for the period between 2005 and 2010 was not paid.
Moreover, the import of carbon oil and ULO that are used in the production of substandard lubricants should be allowed for industrial purpose only, barring the commercial importers from making their use for illegal profit making.
Rodriguez Gonzalez, a 1977 graduate in economic control at the University of Havana, called on the state to "unleash the productive forces, eliminate once and for all the sources of illegal profit, apply a tax policy that frees and not detains productive forces of thousands of workers who are not content at their workplace and have to engage in more productive activities, and eliminate absurd prohibitions that are currently a source of corruption and irritate the population.
Al Dabal is accused of abusing his position and earning millions in illegal profit," Attorney General Essam Essa al-Humaidan told Bloomberg on Friday.