illegal transshipment

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The AHPA posted an admittedly untrue and incorrect representation on its AHPA website stating that Honey Holding was criminally charged with involvement in actions related to the illegal transshipment of Chinese honey.
While the port serves as an important regional economic hub for Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, DRCongo, northern Tanzania, southern Ethiopia and parts of Central Africa, this attribute has also been exploited for the illegal transshipment of hard drugs, contraband and wildlife byproducts.
She also says the concern with Malaysia rests with the "growing illegal transshipment schemes that avoid U.
It discusses the continuing challenges the United States faces in (1) deterring the illegal transshipment of U.
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the top Republican on the foreign affairs panel, is expected to raise concerns about past problems with illegal transshipment from UAE to Iran.
Indonesia has been accused of being involved in illegal transshipment as it is often found that Indonesian export document is used by foreign producers such as from China to gain access to certain market where entry for Chinese products are restricted.
The licenses are intended to discourage the illegal transshipment of Chinese products through third countries.
Preventing illegal transshipment, therefore, is a matter of tremendous importance to our industry and an issue that aligns us very closely with other textile interests in the U.
I have full confidence that we are not being used as a transit port, and Hong Kong will take every effort to stop illegal transshipment of strategic goods," Au said.
Finally, CBP found significant illegal transshipment of Chinese shrimp through Indonesia, with tens of millions of dollars of antidumping duties evaded through such schemes.
The Coalition supports Commerce's efforts but recognizes the need to give the agency even greater powers to address illegal transshipment and circumvention.
Keith McGhee, Managing Director of UKCG notes that: "This review by Commerce has never been about illegal transshipments of goods.