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Finally, in her reading of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz's Los empenos de una casa, Dopico Black contends that Sor Juana embraces the illegibility of wifely and racial bodies as a productive form of resistance, rather than focusing on an inquisitorial hermeneutic that stresses the danger inherent in that illegibility.
The published image of Till's face, along with his murderers' acquittal on all charges, evinced the violence of differential legal personhood in Jim Crow Mississippi and the illegibility of such violence in US-led international human rights law, despite the European press's widely expressed outrage at the racist hypocrisy of the US.
This system eliminates sources of medical error due to illegibility, monitors for medication allergies and alerts the prescribing physician about drug interactions.
Incomplete evidence, absent or unreliable dating, difficulty of access, disparity between copies, and partial illegibility of Elizabeth's hand at its most gnarled or Lord Burghley's multilayered afterthoughts on the order for execution of Mary Queen of Scots (182), challenged these admirably tenacious researchers.
The new photography could only hint at where the original lines of text once were, but it recorded the 18thcentury inscription describing the reerection of the cross before it, too, is weathered to illegibility.
Thanks to the tenacious and meticulous scholarship of Golden, Bryan, and Golden, a trio of American Osler Society members, the rough manuscript has been "rearranged, sentences combined, punctuation and spelling corrected, abbreviations and redundancies eliminated, and in a few areas of illegibility sentences have been completed (in square brackets) where one could logically infer his meaning" (p.
Kevin Ohi suggests as much at the end of his essay on WhatMaisie Knew, when he wonders "to what extent it is possible to make the queer child legible--that is, to attend to the child's illegibility or its exorbitance--without duplicating a reification that enacts the ideological voiding/comprehension of the child in erotic innocence" (105).
Tellermann's dense yet oddly aerated thematics is dual: on the one hand, loss, death, undoing, blockage, pure appearance, displacement, illegibility, hesitancy; on the other, purification, bearing up, making of noise (language), renewal, desire, movement toward, offering received, music, gravity of telluric experience.
The program is an expansion of a pilot study Tufts launched in 2001, which found that using e-prescribing methods helped to reduce the number of prescriptions rejected because of illegibility or interaction with other medications.
The illegibility of physicians' handwriting is legendary.
It is evidently a first draft and not the copy used by the printer, since, apart from the illegibility of many corrected passages, missing leaves and incorrect pagination, there are changes in the printed text not marked in this manuscript.