illegitimate child

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They also are biographical (she began depositing them -- after destroying some - at Yale during her lifetime) and describe her various sexual affairs (one lover, described as 'Lord Maxwell Beaverbrook' should of course be 'Lord Beaverbrook'), her illegitimate child and her troubled marriage.
Fatherless America properly reminds us that, barring the odd virgin birth, every illegitimate child has a biological father somewhere out there who has fallen down on the job.
Documentary in which historian Paul Doherty argues that the discovery of 400-year-old documents expose the Virgin Queen's darkest secret - the identity of her illegitimate child.
An illegitimate child was literally parentless at law, and even the subsequent marriage of the parents could not legitimize their offspring.
Born on November 26, 1923 in Manchester, Patricia Phoenix was the illegitimate child of a bigamous marriage.
Shortly after his roommate Kevin (Jon Stewart) takes off for a long business trip to China, the illegitimate child Kevin didn't know he had appears at the bachelors' apartment.
TWO lovers banished from each other's sight when they conceived an illegitimate child 40 years ago have been reunited by their daughter and are to marry.
One of the most famous figures in the history of the stage, Sarah Bernhardt was the illegitimate child of law student Eduouard Bernhardt and Judith Van Hard, a notorious Dutch courtesan who had established herself in Paris.
THE father of Elizabeth Hurley's baby is involved in a new row over his second illegitimate child.
She will focus on Edward Spencer Hibberd, who was head gardener and plantsman at West Dean, in Sussex, for Edward James, the eccentric millionaire alleged to be an illegitimate child of Edward VII, who subsequently became known as a patron of surrealism.
When news broke that he had fathered an illegitimate child in America - where he made his home while wife Linda stayed in Wales - I had to phone him for a comment.
A ONCE-shocking portrait of King Charles II's mistress and the couple's illegitimate child is going on display at the National Portrait Gallery after being bought for the nation.