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Julian believes that, while growing up, the young John Byers may have used his grandmother's maiden name Murray to hide the fact he was born illegitimately.
Rezek's late intervention was reminiscent of a dive by a player who will face the Scots - Saulius Mikoliunas, who was banned for two games by UEFA after illegitimately winning a penalty in a European Championship qualifier at Hampden four years ago.
These ordinations are illicit because its bishops were ordained illegitimately.
So it's my pleasure to point out that, applying his own dictat, Mr 42% sits illegitimately in the House of Commons.
Speaking amid allegations of large-scale corruption rocking the Philippine military, Aquino urged new graduates of the academy to shun opportunities to illegitimately enrich themselves and to instead concentrate on fulfilling their obligations to the country.
Meanwhile, local human rights organisations have been calling for the dissolution of the board of the General Trade Unions Federation, because it was illegitimately elected and said this federation was also a tool in the hands of the then ruling National Democratic Party, applying its policies and privatising public-sector enterprises.
In particular Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov has spoken out loud against the government's position, arguing that those diplomats are serving the country well, and that the cabinet actually wants to illegitimately replace them.
ISLAMABAD, December 05, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP), a renowned non-governmental organization (NGO) has black marketed millions of rupees DAP fertilizer illegitimately by producing fake lists to US Aid.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran announced that the recent UN General Assembly resolution which urges the US to lift unilateral sanctions against Havana, shows that theinternational community beleives that the boycotts are illegitimately imposed.
The thousands of Red Shirt protesters had been calling for Abhisit to dissolve Parliament immediately and call new elections, saying his government came to power illegitimately and represented a Bangkok elite indifferent to the plight of the rural and urban poor.
The man had, in December 2009, been convicted of cannabis possession and police believed that money seized at the time of his arrest had been obtained illegitimately.
They believe Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's coalition government came to power illegitimately through manipulation of the courts and the backing of the powerful military.