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Typically, it is minority groups (ethnic, religious, linguistic or regional) that bear the brunt of illiberal policies and practices.
Since every actual society has illiberal tendencies, almost all the activity of liberals will have to be devoted to creating the preconditions of liberal self-creation.
Third, and most importantly, Erdogan's attitude has finally exposed the myth of moderate Islamism, and the risks and impacts of illiberal democracies to his broader followers in the region who are relentlessly fighting against tyranny, while also struggling to forge their own identities, and were looking for Turkey as a model for them.
It is doubtful the House will approve this illiberal bill, but even if it does, the law would never be enforced, because a sensible labour minister, who does not take orders from unions, would know that such a law would increase unemployment.
Here a situation of peace, which could be described as a truce, is combined with predominantly illiberal norms, institutions, and practices.
Despite their many differences, the scapegoating of entire societies by illiberal extremists by both Islamist and Christian extremists shares the notion of an unavoidable 'clash of civilisations' - revealed by Dr Feldman as scare-mongering that should be rejected by all citizens of goodwill.
Yes, of course his column is very readable and sometimes amusing, and, yes, I realise that some of the opinions that he espouses maybe are a bit tongue in cheek, but I think it's a shame that his rantings against socalled benefit cheats (ECHO, August 12), his illiberal and clichd "thoughts" and generally bashing all the usual tabloid unfortunate suspects is quite beneath him.
Without such reform, public anger towards an undemocratic, illiberal, protectionist and corrupt European Union is only likely to g row.
Illiberal Justice is a persuasive defense of classical liberalism, in contrast to Rawls' "invitation to judges to circumvent the democratic process so as to actualize" universal, abstract, and arbitrary "intuitions" of justice.
Liberal Democrat Dr Evan Harris, leading the abolition call, branded the blasphemy offence "ancient, discriminatory, unnecessary, illiberal and non-human rights compliant".
This would be a liberal platform plank, because liberal democracies have an obligation to defend themselves against and defeat the darkest, most illiberal force in the world today.
The Czech Republic was another keen exporter who is illiberal at home: selling 15,717GWh of its power.