illicit intercourse

See: adultery
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The court has added a fresh offence under Section 366 of abducting the girl with an intention to force illicit intercourse.
While pre-Christian Roman law had not treated illegitimacy as a moral or social problem, the Christian emperors stigmatized bastards as the shameful products of illicit intercourse and imposed a variety of penalties upon them--among other disabilities, they became ineligible to hold public office, and their parents were banned from giving them gifts or leaving legacies to them.
Whereas women who committed infanticide or who murdered either lovers or husbands were increasingly viewed sympathetically as victims (of illicit intercourse, abuse, or abandonment), men who killed women were prosecuted and convicted with greater frequency and were allowed fewer and fewer excuses.
You would think that a guy who had been caught holding illicit intercourse with Chelsea and illicit intercourse with Ulrika Johnson and Faria Alam, would be careful about revealing too much to a sheikh he had bumped into in a hotel.