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9 flew out of Turkey illicitly in 2003, the amount increased to $3.
There would be little point, however, in demanding that Iran disgorge illicitly acquired items already in use in the agreed program, only to have Iran then repurchase the same items through legal channels.
The US is illegally and illicitly keeping about 90,000 pieces of Iraq's archeological artifacts and Washington has refrained from returning them to Iraq," al-Samism said.
The Tunisian authorities have been probing the case of goods which illicitly make their way into the country, pending court verdict.
The sentences follow trials which came in the wake of raids in 2011 on the offices of foreign NGOs, many which had operated without licenses under ousted president Hosni Mubarak but which the new authorities deemed were receiving funds illicitly.
The source said Koike is suspected of illicitly driving up the price of his company's stock just before the Tokyo-based company sold some of its shares when it debuted on the TSE's Second Section in August 2011 and on other occasions.
In addition, the suspect is also believed to have issued false cheques to illicitly attain money meant for the embassy, from external sources.
Amsterdam, Jumada II, 3, 1434, Apr 13, 2013, SPA -- Dutch authorities are investigating three companies with potential involvement in "fraudulent commercial channels" that saw horse meat illicitly mixed into beef, dpa ctied the health and agriculture ministries as saying in a letter released Saturday.
Apart from illicitly discounting in advance the number of those votes as insignificant, the rule in effect lowers the election hurdle.
Summary: Army personnel detained Friday an Egyptian man accused of illicitly selling a mobile phone line to a suspect in the recent kidnapping case of a 12-year-old boy.
More than $600 billion was illicitly taken out of China by the country's investors last year, fuelling economic and political risks as communist leaders prepare for a handover of power.
To watch the trailer of Kilometer Zero, his illicitly filmed journey