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ILLITERATE. This term is applied to one unacquainted with letters.
     2. When an ignorant man, unable to read, signs a deed or agreement, or makes his mark instead of a signature, and he alleges, and can provide that it was falsely read to him, he is not bound by it, in consequence of the fraud. And the same effect would result, if the deed or agreement were falsely read to a blind man, who could have read before he lost his sight, or to a foreigner who did not understand the language. For a plea of "laymen and unlettered," see Bauer v. Roth, 4 Rawle, Rep. 85 and pp. 94, 95.
     3. To induce an illiterate man, by false representations and false reading, to sign a note for a greater amount than that agreed on, is indictable as a cheat. 1 Yerg. 76. Vide, generally, 2 Nels. Ab. 946; 2 Co. 3; 11 Co. 28; Moor, 148.

References in classic literature ?
That is not an illiterate letter," said Miss Halcombe, "and at the same time, it is surely too incoherent to be the letter of an educated person in the higher ranks of life.
He was the idolized only son of a very wealthy and illiterate Government contractor, and attended the lectures only during the periodical fits of contrition following upon tearful paternal remonstrances.
The government plans to kick all illiterates over the age of 50 off many welfare and social benefit programs next Now Ruz unless they start learning how to read and write before then, Education Minister Ali-Asghar Fani announced last Thursday.
5 million male and female illiterates in Yemen, which accounts for almost a third of the country's population of 26 million, according to Dr.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: And report prepared by two NGO organizations revealed that Iraq has 6 million illiterates, with no solutions to solve the problem.
The commission has prioritized "Education for All" and took a two-pronged approach towards this: To curb the annual increase in the illiterate pool by ensuring that all children enroll in school and do not drop out before completion of five years of schooling, To deal with the "Back-log" of adult illiterates by implementing a country wide literacy program.
The QSA said there are 4,234 females and 37,404 males among the country's illiterates.
Credit Awareness Nigeria, a non-governmental organisation, has said that about 79 percent of Nigerians are financial illiterates.
3 percent even though the GALAE had educated more than 5 million illiterates.
Emphasizing the level of the challenge ahead, she said of these one-third illiterates, half are women.
Arab League Secretary General broke startling news to al-Mutanabbi's descendants when he announced that the Arab world's population of illiterates has now reached 100 million.
Yet we graduate students every year as peace illiterates.