illogical conclusion

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It will lead him, in the most logical progression, to what, in the eyes of artists, would be a most illogical conclusion.
With zero-vote IPO stock, the logic of leveraging control from a minority interest through the dual-class structure has now reached its illogical conclusion.
If one insists on an uninformed assertion or an illogical conclusion, then cries repression when corrected, that has nothing to do with elitism.
This leads to the illogical conclusion that during difficult times a vineyard in Napa, Calif.
Taken to an illogical conclusion, this might create a measure of uncertainty about Poyet's position.
This illogical conclusion is heavily grounded in a field of study known as behavioral economics.
Such cult intoxication may lead society to a blind and illogical conclusion and eventually to utter anarchy.
Trouble is, there's an irritating reasoning to them and she pushes and pushes until each one is taken to either a logical or an illogical conclusion.
This book takes an important theme about being what you eat and takes it to its illogical conclusion.
This assumption--which reaches its illogical conclusion during times of national panic, when do-something busybodies like Michael Bloomberg will say that it doesn't matter what Washington does, it just needs to do something--is oblivious to the law of unintended consequences, to the reality of corporatist lobbying, and to the limitations of government power.
However, her illogical conclusion is also a major shift in her character, inconsistent with the resourceful, smart girl at the beginning of the story.
On some of them, life has seemed to have come to an illogical conclusion prematurely.