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However, the prevalence of traditional methods owing to the high costs of the vein illuminator devices is likely to hinder the growth of the market in the near future.
North America is also expected to witness rapid growth due to the presence of major manufacturing companies for vein illuminator and the consumer acceptance of new technologies.
The Illuminator Flashlight is designed to offer one hour of LED light after one minute of winding.
If you're using an illuminator to enhance your bone structure then try a cream as it will give you more control,' advises Caroline.
8220;The Midori ULB-35i illuminator expands our capabilities in being able to provide a lighting solution for our customers with a state of the art, solid state electronic system.
Analytic solutions company Mariner announced on Tuesday that it is launching a new analytics platform called Illuminator, a combination of tools, methods and subject matter expertise.
ST TROPEZ SKIN ILLUMINATOR ROSE (50ml, pounds 12) Slightly pink shade adds a sheen of light and shimmer which instantly breathes life to tired skin.
The Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen goes well with the Triple Act Compact - designed to give the skin a glowing complexion and a wonderfully smooth, oil-free finish.
Orders are now being accepted from the general public for the mPower Emergency Illuminator, a personal lighting device which has a battery shelf life of 20 years.
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): Lithuanian researchers have found success in their search for ways to improve the nutritional quality of leafy green vegetables- a new technology that features high-density photosynthetic photon flux generated by a solid-state illuminator.
Specifically designed for the entertainment and special effects industries, this 96-W fiber-optic illuminator comes with an integrated twinkle wheel and has complete DMX functionality.
Illuminator finds and manages the best light actuation profiles for user requirements using incident light measurements by wireless sensors.