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Seasoned readers, however, will already know something of the kindling of the heart and the illumining of the mind that this book presents and provokes.
It would work well as a discussion manual, filled as it is with illumining principles and specific steps spelled out for intentional Christian decency.
Now when it is a question of one angel illumining another, the angel who is addressed knows that God is, as it were, the first Illuminer and the first Speaker.
1-89) in which the major technical terms with their multiple meanings are lucidly explicated, the main part is devoted to a careful and illumining translation and analysis of a consecration manual that begins with a discussion of the preparatory rituals, an account of the actual consecration, and the concluding rituals.
This is an extremely readable book that will be accessible to students and illumining to scholars interested in the religious and cultural history of the ancient Mediterranean, and especially to those engaged in the study of asceticism and dietary practice or of the history of (female) gender.