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As attackers go after higher-value targets, we expect financial institutions and global enterprises will incur more attacks directed at their mainframes," Ofer Israeli, Founder & CEO of Illusive Networks, said.
illusive networks' solutions are deployed across financial institutions, insurance, retailers, law firms, healthcare providers, and energy and telecommunication companies in both the United States and EMEA.
Fourth to Fiscal Focus in a good Leopardstown maiden in the spring, Illusive returned after a break to win a recent maiden on the same track, making all and toughing it out well in the closing stages.
The public opinion is aware of the illusive battles led by some poles," he said, clarifying that a large fraction of the $11 billion sum, spent by the governments of former Prime Ministers Fouad Siniora and Saad Hariri, was transferred to March 8 ministries.
Opening times stretched 6am to midnight to sate crazed punters acting in fervent madness searching for the illusive 'spirit'.
Summary: Turkmenistan-Afghan-Pakistan-India transnational gas pipeline, or TAPI, took a good step forward as Ashkabad and Islamabad have agreed on the illusive pricing formula and have vowed to complete it in the shortest possible time.
KARACHI, August 24, 2011 (Frontier Star): Four people have been killed in fresh wave of violence on Tuesday while during time span of seven days, 114 were targeted by illusive killers in Karachi.
Snow leopards are one of the world's most endangered animals, and are the most illusive of all the big cats.
As illusive as Shangri-La, Cameron's Big Society is at best an abstraction - and about as real as Margaret Thatcher's.
The short days and the lack of food at this time of year drive these illusive, majestic predators out from under the cover of darkness.
The office is also concerned with Saudization of jobs and fighting illusive Saudization.