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Fluke SmartView Software (with free software upgrades for the life of the product) is included with each thermal imager.
the worldwide leader in handheld imaging solutions, announced today the launch of the 4600r Retail 2D Imager, designed for high performance point-of-service (POS) scanning with the capability to read 2D bar codes and capture digital images.
In addition to CT, MR, CR, DR and other modalities, this new laser imager also will support output of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and CR mammography images.
A thermal imager will then also be part of the kit when troubleshooting and during installation of new equipment.
Representing the next generation of world-class linear imagers, the 3800g is Hand Held Products' leading general purpose reader designed to meet a broad range of application requirements.
To meet the differing needs of customers, the lightweight DS4308 imager is available in four unique models:
Avio, a provider of high-quality thermography solutions at economical prices, brings more than 40 years of thermal imager design, market and application knowledge to the partnership.
The stand-alone passive millimeter-wave imager is designed for outdoor perimeter and check-point security.
The ST150 is a stand-alone passive millimeter-wave imager designed for outdoor perimeter and check-point security.
Michael Schubert, Executive Vice President of Bruker Daltonics, stated: "Our recently introduced MALDI Molecular Imager is the leading mass spectrometry platform for imaging the spatial distribution of peptide and protein biomarkers in tissue sections.
Sibole said, "Meade's Deep Sky Imager has given me a whole new purpose in life -- it's what gets me up in the morning.
On the company's March 14, 2006 fiscal year-end earnings call, SpatiaLight delineated its plans to deliver approximately 1,000 LCoS imager sets to its customers, including LG Electronics and Thintek Optronics, in the following 30 days.