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The four-wheeled, walk-behind Quantum Imager incorporates a Panasonic Toughpad tablet computer that enables the operator to run a suite of Windows-based applications, including GPS, 3D imaging, Google Earth integration and report generation.
Besides a thermal imager, three landmines planted on the road, around 400 metres of wires, one bulletproof jacket, live cartridges, medicines and other incriminating materials were also recovered.
In order to understand the motor applications within the unit, it's best to know a little more about the imager operation.
10) The trial court found that the imager used by police in this case recorded no intimate details of life inside Kyllo's home; did not invade any personal privacy inside the home; could not penetrate walls or windows to reveal human activities or conversations; and recorded only heat escaping from the house.
The Anywhere Imager is a new technology for capturing and interpreting data from mail pieces and generating a barcode to be affixed to the mail piece for further downstream mail processing.
The DS4308P imager offers the versatility of a handheld and presentation scanner with a built-in adjustable stand that enables workers to switch instantly between handheld and hands-free mode simply by picking up or putting down the scanner.
The new PVS Scanning Linear Image Sensor, or SLIS, contradicts the prevailing notion that Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) imagers, while cost-effective, are an inferior alternative to Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs).
Overall, more than one million Pap diagnoses were included: 579,750 manual versus 597,290 in the Imager cohort.
The U5855A TrueIR thermal imager is the start of a long-term relationship integrating the core competencies of each company to advance the future of thermal imager technology," said Minoru Hijikawa, associate senior vice president of Avio.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Caere(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: CAER), a leading developer of automated identification (Auto ID) technologies, today announced a technology demonstration of its Imager OCRpc(TM) at ScanTech '99.
New 2D Imager provides high-performance presentation scanning and enables advanced, imaging-based POS applications
The M1 Imager - a patented digital hologram recording machine manufactured by the company will produce holograms for a variety of government needs.