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Chittick, Imaginal Worlds: Ibn al-Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity (Albany: SUNY, 1994) pp.
The 6week group CBT treatment program involved psychoeducation, cognitive therapy, relaxation techniques, imaginal and in vivo exposure, as well as weekly individual therapy sessions.
The Sandline Controversy is a potent example of how a people have reshaped their past and their present through imaginal forms.
Finally, having participated in an imaginal rehearsal of interpersonal risk taking, and having interacted with others in the groups in a way that potentially challenged their comfort zones, we predicted that participants in the interpersonal group would score significantly lower than the intrapersonal and control groups on experiential avoidance as measured by the AAQ.
Treatment-associated reductions in negative thoughts about the self and the world have been associated with symptom improvement [15], as has between-session habituation of subjective anxiety during imaginal exposure [16-18].
When Hagood (2006:161) continues by stating that, in the minds of shamanistic practitioners, the imaginal could be deemed a reality that parallels the concrete, or 'the realms of the sotd', he emphasises the fact that we 'have a dream body that navigates the imaginal as our physical occupies the concrete'.
After an overview of the program and a review of the literature on gambling treatment, they walk therapists through 10 sessions, and three further elective sessions on assessment, psychoeducation and self-management strategies to stabilize gambling, cognitive restructuring, relaxation and imaginal exposure, problem solving and goal-setting skills training, managing negative emotions, preventing relapse and maintaining therapeutic gains, assertiveness skills training, getting out of debt, and teaching significant others strategies for coping or dealing with the gambler's behavior.
For Corbin, the imaginal signifies all that we come upon in the realm of "the Angel," a transcendent dimension humans can enter only through the cultivation of vision: "Its growth is concomitant with a visionary apperception, giving shape to the supersensory perceptions and constituting that totality of ways of knowing that can be grouped under the term hierognosis.
Leafhopper tissue culture: embryonic, nymphal and imaginal tissues from aseptic insects.
Several mindfulness exercises involved imaginal alcohol exposure in order to teach methods to deal mindfully with craving.
The assumption is that when illustrations are provided, the verbal and imaginal representations in working memory are organised and then linked to form the mental model (Van Meter, et al.