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Particularly relevant is the issue of the male gaze upon a sleeping female, that leads the viewer to divine imaginativeness.
It stands apart for the dynamism, complexity, and imaginativeness of the author's "underground" imagery, most notably in the magical, despairing scene of a wedding in the cellar.
In "A Psalm of the Elephant Man," it is apparent that though the poet Merrick is physically disfigured and suffers from a serious speech impediment, he attains power through the force and imaginativeness of his language:
The company's products represent a collection that reflects the achievements and history of Italian design: as B&B Italia describe it, 'an eventful process through which Italian taste, imaginativeness, creativity, and expertise have become world famous and given B&B Italia an indispensable presence on an international market.
As Ernest May noted, "The essential thread in the story of Germany's victory over France hangs on the imaginativeness of German war planning and the corresponding lack of imaginativeness on the Allied side.
Like legal process scholars, such as Henry Hart in the 1930s, Ackerman admires Americans' imaginativeness in amending the Constitution outside Article V during the New Deal.
The Johnson & Johnson Award for Quality Nursing in LTC--a $1,500 scholarship, which recognizes a Director of Nursing Services actively practicing in a LTC facility for exemplary leadership, management, imaginativeness, creativity, and devotion in all aspects of the profession of Director of Nursing.
One notes, of course, Taruskin's dig at Norrington's "palliating smokescreen" that presumably hides from view the latter's own imaginativeness as a performing artist.
28) The imaginativeness and sophistication of these choices were also products of college debate experience, notably in required academic exercises at Yale, where "[d]isputations were the keystone of [Yale president Ezra] Stile's curriculum"(29) and many of the topics upon which he challenged his students to deliberate were matters of current political and constitutional significance.
III: Strangers and Saints: The autobiographically conceived strangers who are not accepted by the mainstream because of an extraordinary emotionality or imaginativeness are much more frequent on Williams's stage than the strangers of national or regional difference.
Also an aesthete with regard to art and music, Simon had fantastic breadth of historical and literary knowledge, grasp of the principles underlying statistical technique, and general economic imaginativeness.
But even in translation, it is clear that Slovak poets were forced to cultivate their esthetics and imaginativeness to the utmost in order to trick the authorities and the censors and so be able to present their feelings and views.