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There was a girl at the asylum whose name was Hepzibah Jenkins, but I always imagined her as Rosalia DeVere.
It must not be imagined that it was anything in the nature of a brutal assault.
There must be no seeming, for if he seem to be just he will be honoured and rewarded, and then we shall not know whether he is just for the sake of justice or for the sake of honours and rewards; therefore, let him be clothed in justice only, and have no other covering; and he must be imagined in a state of life the opposite of the former.
She imagined herself, in an exasperating future, as a scrawny woman with an eternal grievance.
Viewing it, they hugged themselves in ecstatic pity of their imagined or real condition.
As Zeila was not far from the frontiers of Abyssinia, they imagined that they already saw the Portuguese invading their country.
There was a cool, liquid feeling about it and he imagined blood moving slowly down under his hair.
But when they remained ominously silent he became frightened and imagined ter- rible fingers that clutched into his brain.
Co-edited by Jeremy Aynsley (Head of the School of Humanities at the Royal College of Art) and Charlotte Grant (Senior Research Fellow at the AHRC Centre for the Study of Domestic Interior, Royal College of Art), Imagined Interiors: Representing The Domestic Interior Since The Renaissance provides art students and enthusiasts with an informed and informative historical survey of how the home has been depicted in western art over the last 500 years.
So, all the fire and water is in its center, as is every [other] body, whereas if we were to consider the center to be what you have imagined there would not be any body in its center, because the center is an indivisible point and bodies are divisible and their place is with them.