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The proprietary F2 Edition Vantage enables improved applications for advanced imaging procedures, including Body Vision, Contrast-Free Improved Angiography, Fresh Blood Imaging, Water Excitation and Whole Heart Imaging.
With 39 million imaging pixels in a 36 mm x 48 mm imaging area, the KAF-39000 sets a new standard for image resolution in professional photography, while the 31.
With the release of the Clario Image Library, we are now giving wireless providers the opportunity to dramatically increase the quality of images and drive increased usage and revenues from their mobile imaging customers," said Redmond.
Cypress delivers high-performance sensors for custom and high-end digital photography; ultra high-speed imaging solutions for automotive safety, machine vision and motion analysis; and consumer-oriented solutions for ultra-slim digital still cameras, single-use cameras and camera-enabled mobile devices.
Acknowledging the struggle to meet the demands related to this burgeoning disease, a recent study published by the Institute of Medicine indicates that there are not enough breast imaging specialists to keep up with current demand for screening mammograms in the United States.
With minimal platform changes and no need to write code or learn imaging, OEMs can focus on differentiating their products and getting to market quickly.
We are pleased to be working with Future Image, an organization that clearly has its fingers on the pulse of this convergence of telecommunications and imaging technologies as exhibited by their highly successful Mobile Imaging Summit conferences, and their exceptional record forecasting industry developments," said Robert B.
The interests of the NCI focus on imaging in vivo for cancer preconditions, cancer screening, diagnosis, progression, treatment monitoring, recurrence, and image-based surrogate end points.
When uploading an image file from the source machine onto the server, the imaging software first prompts the user for a filename and target folder (directory) where the image file will be stored.
On April 11, 1996, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the Internal Revenue Service concerning Notice 96-10, which requested comments on a proposed revenue procedure relating to the use of digital imaging to satisfy the recordkeeping requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.
For the FBI Laboratory, the List case also signaled a new age in computer-assisted forensic imaging.