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The rating, upgraded by Fitch in July 2005, reflects California's improved economic and revenue performance, and some progress in addressing the structural imbalance, which remains large.
It helps regulate the estrogen /progesterone ratio, normalizing imbalance.
Shear-induced imbalance is most pronounced in molds with eight cavities or more because the melt splits not just once but several times.
In CM, imbalances arise from three different sources: external factors, internal factors and miscellaneous factors.
Movement at one joint affects movement at other joints, and every time your foot hits the ground to take a step you're passing that imbalance all the way up your skeletal structure.
As a result of these imbalances, the United States must import about $2 billion of foreign capital every working day.
The rating was upgraded by Fitch in July reflecting California's improved economic and revenue performance and some progress in addressing its large budgetary structural imbalance.
economy recovers, those imbalances could balloon even larger.
The plans have met with varying levels of success, and imbalances have occurred into the current year.
After months of questioning doctors who only recommended she go on birth control pills or anti-depressants to control her mood swings, Mosak started researching hormone imbalances.
With this new understanding of shear-induced imbalances in runners, a gremlin that has haunted us for years has been unveiled, as have significant new opportunities.