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They survive the imbecilic thugs, they survive the horses, and the camels, and their whip-brandishing, thoughtless riders.
But wouldn't it be nice if the jolt brought him to his senses and made him realise what an utterly imbecilic activity he has brought to the world?
I'm fed up seeing his imbecilic, stoned-out face staring at me.
The 27-year-old North Walian actor, originally from Mold, stars alongside Wales' Kieron Self and Brit actors Zoe Wanamaker and Robert Lindsay as Alfie - the hapless Welsh mate of imbecilic son Nick.
Whole chasing such imbecilic paths as 'It's it and that's that', lesbian cement wrestling and the self indulgent 'Dick' campaign, Miller squandered a billion or so marketing bucks while Lite's share skyrocketed from 10.
It was transparently clear," Quinn writes, "that neither Buck nor her sister [who had also been sterilized] was feeble-minded or imbecilic.
Conservative columnist Westbrook Pegler broke the story after having obtained copies of imbecilic "Dear Guru" letters written by Wallace to Roerich.
These days the the 1970s are seemingly everywhere, conjured in contemporary pop culture as a slightly imbecilic, harmlessly indulgent, sartorially embarrassing shaggy dog decade that good taste forgot.
For the father, this whole idea was imbecilic, and he continued to demand that Pier Giorgia take his rightful place in La Stampa's accounting department.
SCOTLAND -- In an act of counter-globalization, wage-slaves at McDonald's fast-food restaurants have formed a global fraternity called McDonald's Workers Resistance (MWR) to protest "late nights, skin irritations, no overtime, harassment, tow wages, stupid uniforms, unlawful business practices, imbecilic propaganda, cuts and burns.
Now we are threatened with a truly imbecilic law that could set back research for years.
An analogy might be building controls: in Europe, it would plainly be imbecilic to have the same building regulations from Sweden to Sicily.