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lmtech has created several imbiber bead products, such as imbiber bead blankets, imbiber bead pillows and imbiber bead packets, all which can be used to wrap and absorb hazardous organic liquids so as to "capture and contain" spills from fueling areas, loading docks and storage facilities.
Just seven cups of instant coffee a day could leave the imbiber hearing voices when there is no one there, Durham University scientists say.
It is these unfortunate sods who need to be cosseted, inebriated and presented with engraved glasses that hold a double magnum, saving the imbiber from constantly having to refill his receptacle.
Since my teens I've been a fairly enthusiastic imbiber - not often the most drunk person in the pub, but rarely the most sober either.
THE form hangover from Royal Ascot at York would have impressed even the legendary imbiber Jeffrey Bernard, but In The Fashion gave it a timely pick-me-up when Chesham fourth won her maiden in style under Shane Kelly.
Austin says it was so important in the lives of non-commissioned ranks that their record cards contained name, number, religion and rum state: "G" for an imbiber, "U/A" for under age, and "T" for teetotaller.
AS an imbiber of some standing myself (and some tottering around and falling over, it would have to be said), I have nothing but sympathy for anybody who is told they can't have a drink when they want to.
Max is a paranoid pill swallower and scotch imbiber, an ancient-history buff who likes to use old battles to illustrate his points.