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But these central and recurring concerns are not only related but imbricated in Corkery's writings, making it difficult to classify a particular essay under a particular heading.
His work is one of themes interwoven, insights and intellectual developments subtly imbricated in one another.
Troutman's critical interpretation of Densmore and the "salvaging" of vanishing Native culture adds another important dimension to this body of work and indirectly asks key questions about how not only music becomes political, but also about the ways in which the intercultural engagement between researchers and subjects is imbricated within dominant discourses of race, superiority, and cultural agency.
SIPH strongly imbricated and weakly reticulated at apex.
The same is true of that early modern network in which Leibniz was imbricated, the Republic of Letters.
Historicizing the discourse of girl sexuality and comparing it with the (generally unproductive) activity of the male artist, also imbricated with questions of (equally unproductive) sexuality, demonstrates how Joyce uses it to disrupt aesthetic systems and explore the limits of our knowledge and of socially constructed discourses.
Elaborated in the first instance in order to ward off the specter of death, death itself is profoundly imbricated therein.
In an era of "multiculturalism and globalism, it might be easier than ever before to recognize the plenitude of historical experiences and narratives imbricated in a national history.
Finally, however, ocular acts are not presented exclusively as expressions of these deeply imbricated forms of hatred.
Embedded in a gravel bar deposited more than 5000 years ago, an alignment of imbricated bedrock slabs shows the former contour of a check dam (1998-000-B) (FIGURE 2) destroyed by floods.
In the past, synthetic materials have typically been used as an overlay, but in this investigation, the mesh was placed as a "fold in" or insert, which was imbricated into the anterior colporrhaphy sutures.