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Imbue uses iconic crosses filled with pills, a symbol of science, to ask questions about our faith and mortality.
I say imbue because I write for myself and strangers.
Being an actor and director and dabbling in politics do not imbue you with the powers of persuasion that a full-time historian and thinker can bring to the table.
Birgisson feels that his isolated youth, being blind in one eye since birth ("If I could see in stereo I would go mad--I would see too much," he says), and his queerness have helped imbue Sigur Ros with its otherworldly, pure, and intensely emotional sound.
KoSa has named them Imbue, Stretch-aire and Accepta.
Henry Cisneros, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has worked creatively to imbue the same principle of income-mixing into other HUD programs.
Imbue, who once installed imitation heroin and cocaine vending machines on Brighton Pier, recently relocated to Birmingham from the south coast town, where The Independent newspaper gave him the Banksy title.
Our goal is to imbue both hotels with a new level of sophisticated glamour while maintaining their distinctive identities," said Christina Hart, BBGM's partner-in-charge.
There's still some effort to imbue Earl and his cronies with a measure of grace, but the writers have also opted to give the show a more surreal, through-the-looking-glass feeling.
In his drawings, the world of functions and things seems to be an end in itself, without a foothold in a subjective realm that might imbue it with meaning.
Earlier in the same month (on March 4) the Osservatore Romano carried two articles stressing the work which the laity can do: their mission is to imbue the world with the Christian spirit, and they can make a contribution to private and public life which priests cannot do.
The relative size and placement of objects in a televised image imbue scenes with a sense of depth and realism.