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Thus, strategic supplier selection tends to be imperfectly imitable and imperfectly mobile--two RBV conditions favoring advantage.
According to the resource-based view of the finn, where resources are imperfectly imitable and imperfectly substitutable, a greenfield investment rather than the acquisition of an existing company would better protect a firm's resources and knowledge.
The RBV suggests that firms can achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the acquisition and control over resources and capabilities as long as the resources are valuable, rare to come by, imperfectly mobile, not imitable by competitors and not substitutable (Barney 1991; Grant 1991).
When discussing the relationship between organizational culture and sustained superior financial performance, Barney (1986) mentions that in order for a firm's culture to provide sustained competition advantages, three conditions must be met: the culture must be valuable (it must enable a firm to do things and behave in ways that lead to high sales, low costs, high margins), secondly, it must be rare, and thirdly it must be imperfectly imitable.
Band members Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard deliver hit after hit in their own imitable style.
Add to this distinctive characteristic such an easily imitable habit as the twirling of his watch-chain while addressing an audience, and it is no wonder that Barrett Wendell offered an irresistible temptation to the mimic in successive college generations.
The RBV provides a more "internal" perspective, suggesting that competitive advantage can be gained from effectively utilizing resources that are valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable and nonsubstitutable, or VRIN (Barney, 1991).
You hear about him all the time but I generally do characters who are colourful, who are imitable, people who you see doing stuff and you go, 'Oh, did you see what he did?
DARYL BROWN Daryl Brown is a dirt jumper from Essex with an imitable style and powerful form.
v]iolence, its after-effects and descriptions of violence, whether verbal or physical, must be appropriately limited in programmes broadcast before the watershed" and that both violence and dangerous behavior "that is easily imitable by children in a manner that is harmful or dangerous: must not be featured in programmes made primarily for children unless there is strong editorial justification; [and] must not be broadcast before the watershed .
Customer experience innovation is, according to Sohrab Vossoughi, in a 2008 blog post for Bloomberg-Business, "the only type of business innovation that is not imitable, nor can it be commoditized, because it is born from the specific needs and desires of your customers and is a unique expression of your company's DNA.
An Ofcom spokesman said: "We investigated this programme to see if it was appropriate to show potentially dangerous behaviour, imitable by children, where the presenter inhaled helium from a balloon.