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Proposition 2: Organizations that hire a greater number of a rival's executives will tend to respond more quickly and more imitatively to a competitive action.
Even more imitatively as well as conventionally, Krauth (1999: 17) talks of how Clemens fled the Civil War by "lighting out" for the West, where by "default, chance, and design" he literally made himself--"a hit-and-miss enterprise, for he was as unsteady as the tumbleweed".
Consistently, imitatively and successfully, Irish playwrights have relied upon dismal social situations in order to energise their realities.
The name was not a direct reference to the traditional meaning of the form of ricercare as an imitatively treated several part musical movement, but to the original etymological meaning of the Italian verb "ricercare" = to seek, test, and by extension to improvise on a musical instrument.
The Sextet sounds something like a miniature Mahler symphony--not imitatively, but in the same musical spirit, and sounding somehow modernized and compressed.
Without such an imitatively oral or face-to-face context to connect interlocutors, written communication cannot succeed.