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In a similar vein, essay seven shows that from the perspective of an immanent and differential theory of ideas, Difference and Repetition can be read as Deleuze's Critique of Pure Reason, while Anti-Oedipus can be understood as his Critique of Practical Reason (107).
22) Forgoing causality, the Rubaiyat links arbitrariness to the severed tie between the immanent and the transcendent:
Despite the intentions and careful qualifications of theologians, the discourse of the economic Trinity and immanent Trinity can create false impressions among students and other readers of theological works.
Chrudzimski uses symbolic logic and an ingenious series of diagrams to clarify and illustrate the relationships holding between a thinking subject, acts of consciousness, and immanent and external objects, among other terms of Brentano's theory, in a variety of alternative interpretations.
What we treat as a given to our metier is, in fact, immanent to the processes we usually associate with the emerging transnational order.
argues that trinitarian theological and doctrinal thinking moves from a first apprehension of the functional God of the Bible (= Lonergan's "experience"), to the patristic ontological articulation of the immanent Trinity (= "understanding"), then back to the Scriptures, but now affirmed, in the light of the deepened understanding of the second step, to be an expression of the economic Trinity (= Lonergan's "judgment").
His thin communitarianism seeks to avoid crippling relativism by including a philosophy of life that contains an immanent normativity that can justify respect for life, positive claims for individuals to develop their capabilities and realize their aspirations under conditions of freedom and integrity for all, why societies ought to attend to the ongoing development of the capabilities of their citizens, democracy as a method of allocating fairness within a system, and global cosmopolitanism.
The evidence of reality takes light as its privileged medium: immanent, radiating, expansive, capable of capturing and restoring to view places and people, facts and situations.
His own choice, relying on the thought of Bernard Loomer and Marjorie Suchocki, is to think of God as transcending the world yet simultaneously immanent within it as the creative source of its movement into the future.
The idea of sensibles as images of the forms, in turn, is an expression not of transcendence alone, but rather of the conjunction of immanence and transcendence: the paradigm is at once transcendent to and immanent in the image.
For example, while in his 1628 treatise Harvey had structured the circulatory system around a centralized monarchical power (the heart), by 1649 he had been sufficiently influenced by vitalism's discourse of immanent spirit and energy to claim that blood was in possession of its own native heat and innate warmth.
This same progression of sacrifice, death, and resurrection into "direct relation with the Deity or other unifying principle of life" is also characteristic of Western mysticism and religious contemplation; it ends similarly with the knowledge of "the immanent God as dwelling within the soul .