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The "similar explanation of the acquisition of knowledge" articulates the explanatory account midway between externalism and immanentism, which Aquinas also provided on the issues of the eduction of forms to being and of the acquisition of virtue: potentially preexistent forms are actualized by a proximate cause.
Yet I cannot wholeheartedly endorse an immanentism of traces, for that is a theology of fear.
His emphasis on the subject and faith as inherent parts of the revelatory experience, however, tried to avoid the pitfalls not only of the dogmatism of the manual tradition but also of the immanentism of certain Modernists, following Blondel's lead in this regard.
Narcissistic individualism, therefore, promotes an immanentism that encloses one in oneself and in which the common good is understood to be the sum total of individual goods (as epitomized by the utilitarian maxim: "the greatest good for the greatest number").
The extremes of immanentism or pantheism and transcendence or deism are avoided.
He asserts that allowing even one revealed teaching, such as the Obedience Axiom, "puts in doubt the resolutely horizontal commitment to immanentism and naturalism with which Spinoza is usually credited" (p.
Evolution, they point out, has sometimes been invoked to justify atheism, as well as immanentism (that God is a vague life force) or deism (that God set the universe in motion and has nothing more to do with it).
Almost everywhere in the West, Christian existence and consciousness have been come under the pervasive influences of pragmatism, instrumentalism and immanentism.
Anything which smacks of immanentism - from Spinoza and Marx to kabbala and Zionism - is a "specifically Jewish heresy.
What Bonaventure feared, modern philosophy succumbed to, as the pursuit of rationalism and freedom led to the collapse of God and the worldly immanentism of modernity.