immature person

See: juvenile
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I know how to present myself if I'm with older people, but when I'm with my friends, I'm the most immature person ever.
Sherpao has called Imran Khan a politically immature person.
Some immature person once even likened religion to poison, can you believe it?
He told the teenager that he continued to regard him as a risk to the public, adding: "I cannot disregard what you said earlier and how you are an impressionable, immature person susceptible to radicalisation.
He is an emotional and immature person, and tends to lose control over his behaviour.
He would be subject to mood swings, changeable, unreliable, an insecure and immature person.
When Gadkari became BJP president, the people of the country felt that an immature person has been given the post," party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said.
Terming Chesser as a confused and immature person, his lawyer had urged for a 20-year sentence for him.
I am an immature person," he told inter- viewers from Swedish TV this week, writes JOHN DILLON.
He would not buy such an important service from an immature person.
Monica Lewinsky's former attorney William Ginsburg said Wednesday that the world's best-known White House intern is an immature person who won't take responsibility for her affair with the president, causing her to lash out at others.